How long does it take for me to get my order?

  • If you purchase a set of "ready to ship" nails they will ship out in 1-2 business days.
  • If you order a set of made to order nails, they'll ship out in 7-12 business days. 
  • If you place a large order 4+ sets there may be an extended time depending on demand at moment you order, time extended 2-2.5 weeks. 

I am not liable for delays in shipping. Once your order is out I cannot control what happens.



How do I know my nail sizes?

I provide a video tutorial and I also a sizing kit (sizing kit ships out next day and includes free shipping). 

You can find the video tutorial here: https://yournailplug.com/pages/sizing-for-press-on-nails

and you will find the sizing kit here: https://yournailplug.com/products/sizing-kit

Or the sizing kit option will be listed under each nail listing.



 Sizes may slightly vary depending on what shape you choose. Please make sure to select and/or buy individual sizing kits for each shape desired.

**Color disclaimer**

There may be slight variations in color to the photos in the listing due to your screen monitor, lighting, different gel batches from the manufacturer, etc. 



How long do the nails last?

Wear will be dependent on the care and how rough you are with your hands and nails. 

Nails with proper prep and nail glue can last you 7-14 days.

I recommend you prep your nails prior to application for a longer wear. A tutorial on how to prep your nails is on my Instagram page under the IGTV tab, you'll see "Nail Prep For Press On Nails" .

Glue tabs are recommended for a few hours. 



Are press ons reusable?

Yes! As long as there is no damage done to the nails, you can definitely reuse them. Please visit my Instagram to watch how to remove your nails. @yournailplugx and click on the IGTV tab for all tutorials.



What if I ordered the wrong nail sizes?

All orders are handmade therefore we do not accept returns and can not be held responsible for a customer ordering the wrong size. Sizing kits and tutorials are available. There is also a replacement nail option that you can select from my listings. 



Do you offer custom designs?

Yes! If you don't see a style that fits what you're looking for and have something in mind or would like me to recreate a design please send me message by using the contact form.



I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages, please add insurance to your shipping to protect your order. If your package has been lost or damaged please contact your shipping provider directly.