Meet the luxury press on nail artist

Hi, thank you for visiting my website! I wanted to share a bit about me and why I started this business. 

In early 2019 I went to beauty school to become certified as a nail technician because I love creating with my hands, my love of art, challenging myself, and my love of making people feel great. Throughout 2019- early 2020 it was hard to find a work environment I was comfortable in wether it was a salon, spa, shop, and so on. Moving forward the pandemic happened and I pivoted to creating press on nails due to no one being able to get their nails done. It was a way for me to generate income and offer a service that mattered to a lot of people.  I had experience and a good skill set dealing with e-commerce so it made so much sense for me to create this online business. Although this website is currently focused on offering luxury handcrafted press on nails it actually started off as a website offering trendy nail supplies that tested out press on nails on the side. Now here we are a thriving website specializing in offering luxury salon quality press on nails to amazing customers all around the world and there’s nothing that makes me more happy than that!
When you order with me you put your safety first, you have convenience, and you know what exactly you’re getting!
I look forward to creating your new favorite nail style for you.